Thank You!
Officers and Men and Families of VMF(AW)542
1960 - 1963

Once again, the MEN and OFFICERS OF VMF(aw)542 have supported Autism Speaks~ team Canyon's Echoes...
$944 was donated by all from the 2008 Branson Reunion. For other donations and extra special assistance, Canyon and family give special thanks to Gene Brady, Wiley and Mary Lane Sellers, Kelly and Karla Broomall, Bo and Anna Fite, Mando and Frances Garza, Carl and Bev Curry, Dick and Beverly Stanford, Ron and Nancy Thrash, Bud and Kris Perry, Lowell and Nancy Hinman.

In total, $1278.52 was donated for autism research by these incredibly generous men and women.

Canyon's Echoes and the MEN and OFFICERS OF VMF(aw)542 extend a special thanks to the wonderful people at PEPSICO, Customer relations, corporate office for all their support and donations and to ALL the men from the St. Louis USMC recruiting offices. Without their help, the Branson reunion would not have been such a success. It is a memory which will be cherished forever.

Reunion Video